With only a few available territories remaining, this may be your last opportunity to join the largest and most successful network of franchised locksmiths in the UK

The LockRite Locksmith Franchise

Why Choose The LockRite Locksmith Franchise?

If you're interested in the Locksmith trade, and you're looking to start your own business, then look no further, the LockRite Locksmith franchise should be perfect for you!

LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Paul Gilbert
"It’s the best decision I’ve ever made... I just wish I had done it sooner." Paul Gilbert, LockRite Franchisee
  • LockRite Locksmith Franchisee Training - Picking Cylinder
    LockRite Locksmith Franchise - Key Cutting Machine
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee Training - Picking Mortice Lock
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee Training - Digital Lock
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Freddie Forsyth
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Paul Gilbert
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Louis King
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Robert Lawlor
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Paul Gilbert
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Alan Mckeown
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - John Barrett
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Jason Tyler
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Graham Potter
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Alan Hickman
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Karl Rawlings
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Kevin Bett
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Gavin McNae
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - David Riddle
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Willie Andrew
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Chris O'Regan
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Michael Salt
  • LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Jon Young
    LockRite Locksmith Franchise - Dean Thornton Randall
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee Steve Brown
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Chris Butt
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Glen Eley
    LockRite Locksmith Chris O'Regan
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Les Wasserman
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Ray Cordery
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - David Reed
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Jon Challen
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Ian Caine
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Adrian Marsh
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Dennis Barnett
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Len Elkington
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Neil Yard
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Muslim Bhaji
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Paul Graves
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Gareth Johns
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Yusufi Vanat
    LockRite Locksmith Franchisee - Stuart Rock
    LockRite Locksmith Franchise - Receiving LockRite Certificate

The LockRite Locksmith Franchise Opportunity

The LockRite Locksmith Franchise Opportunity

With our professional and comprehensive training courses, in house fully managed websites and internet advertising campaigns, dedicated call centre, commercial clients and industry partners, LockRite supports you and provides everything you need to launch a professional, successful and rewarding locksmith business of your own.

LockRite National Locksmiths - Commercial Locksmith Services

LockRite is the largest uniformed, DBS Checked (Formerly CRB) Locksmith network in the UK. We can offer your business exactly what you need. https://www.lockrite.org/national-locksmiths/
We understand that completing the work on the ground in a professional and timely manner is critical but it is equally important for us to achieve the KPI’s of your Service Level Agreement. Also, getting M.I. reports to you on time, making sure job sheets are accurate so you may invoice your clients and the background administration process being fast and efficient, are crucial elements of our first class service.
If that is what you demand then we can offer your business a one stop solution to all your Locksmith requirements.

LockRite Locksmiths - Local Locksmiths Near You

If you are looking for a local locksmith near you then LockRite can help! Our locksmiths are experts in lock repairs & replacements, lock maintenance, emergency entry, home security and more.
Are You Locked Out? Have You Lost Your Keys? We can unlock your door and get you back into your property.

  • With possible earnings exceeding £70K per annum, a partnership with LockRite gives you a market-leading business start up.
  • A full & professional 5 week locksmith training programme taking you to a highly skilled level of locksmithing.
  • Additional training with Yale on smart security technology, including smart locks.
  • Locksmith work provided from day one.
  • The licence to use the LockRite brand, logo, telephone numbers and proven marketing systems.
  • A protected locksmith territory.
  • A dedicated national call centre, to handle and administrate your incoming locksmith work and enquiries.
  • Training in sales & marketing, administration, and accounts.
  • A highly organised and structured launch program .
  • Optimised internet marketing campaigns.
  • A comprehensive tool, stock and equipment package including quality power tools & specialised locksmith equipment.
  • Professional key cutting machine & key boards with blanks.
  • All initial stock required to commence trading with confidence (List available upon request).
  • A fully fitted and sign written van (on competitive finance) with sat/nav & mains invertor to power the key cutting machine.
  • iPad loaded with Lockrite’s bespoke job system software, personal stationery, uniforms, operating manuals, job sheets, downloadable resources and trade/supplier accounts.
  • Trusted and credible internet presence.
  • and more ...
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What Our Franchisees Think

  • LockRite Locksmith Paul Gilbert

    " I joined LockRite as a franchisee on 19th April 2010, following a 20 year career with Barclays bank. I’ve got to say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I just wish I had done it sooner."

    - Paul Gilbert | LockRite Franchise Review

  • LockRite Locksmith Stephen Chowdhury

    "Best career decision I could of made I just wish I had done it when I first thought about becoming a locksmith a few years ago."

    - Stephen Chowdhury | LockRite Franchise Review

  • LockRite Locksmith Freddie Forsyth

    "I definitely found the 'Rite' Franchise with LockRite. I am loving the quality of life I now have since leaving the army and there is nothing more satisfying than customers being happy with the excellent service we give them."

    - Freddie Forsyth | LockRite Franchise Review

  • LockRite Locksmith Alan Mckeown

    "I recently completed my first years trading as a lockRite locksmith franchisee, and I can honestly say it has been a resounding success.The dedicated, and highly motivated team at head office have provided great support."

    - Alan Mckeown | LockRite Franchise Review

  • LockRite Locksmith Alan Hickman

    "It was clearly apparent when joining, that Lockrite was a forward thinking company with the right ingredients to support a successful business. The right balance is in place to build a successful network with sound procedures and quality ethics."

    - Alan Hickman | LockRite Franchise Review

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There are over 28 million residential properties in the UK1 with an average of 4 main locks per property

1 according to gov.uk office for national statistics 2014


Locksmithing is an in-demand, recession-proof, and highly rewarding industry

There are over 1.9 million businesses in the UK with an average of 18 locks per premises